Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Unexpected surgery

February 14, 2012

Madeleine really has done so well with all of the challenges of this situation. Sometimes it is the unexpected "smaller" things, however, that catch you off guard and make you feel like you're taking a step back, even though it is a necessary step in your progress forward.

Today, we found out that because her radiation treatments start in a few weeks, Madeleine will need to have surgery to have her impacted wisdom teeth out...and it can't wait. (Apparently, after radiation, your jaw is no longer able to heal very well and so you need to take care of any potential problems before you start radiation).

So, she is scheduled to have all four impacted wisdom teeth out this Thursday morning (2/16). As you all know, she is still working on recovery from the other surgery, and had just begun to get back to the pool - which she loves.

Please be praying for Madeleine, for the surgeon, and especially for her recovery. Thank you all for the encouragement - the notes, posts, emails, texts, and meals have been wonderful. We really appreciate all of you.


Anonymous said...

So sorry Madeleine that you had to have your wisdom teeth out today! That sucks. You have been so amazing through all of this! Keep it up! You will be strong after ALL of this! Love you. Lola

Anonymous said...

Thinking about you everyday and can't wait to see your sunshine smile in the pool. We all miss you. xoxo Nicole