Monday, March 19, 2012

Radiation done!

Madeleine’s Blog

March 19, 2012

Today was Madeleine's final day of radiation! The side effects have been fairly minimal so far, and we are really thankful that she is finished with this stage of her treatment.

Madeleine's hi-tech radiation mask
Wondering what the strange looking picture to the left is? Well, it's the custom-made mask that Madeleine had to wear during her precision radiation. (The mask actually snaps onto the radiation table at the back and helps hold you in just the right place during the treatment.) It may look a little "medieval," but the whole process has actually been pretty high-tech.

Having made it through radiation is really an accomplishment. It means that she has overcome another challenge on this journey. Once again, she has had to face some fears, and push through them. Having the support of family and friends (like all of you) has definitely helped.

Madeleine does have some additional treatment coming up soon (Interferon), but it hasn't been scheduled yet. For now, she is enjoying swim competitions and practices, and all the other things she is involved in during her senior year.   

With teammates - Madeleine is on the far right


kircarp said...

Another accomplishment! Yea! Praying for you and I can't wait until the next time I see your sweet smile again...

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on completing the radiation treatment! I am so happy to hear you have been able to get back to some of the things you love! You are an amazing, beautiful young woman!! Is. 41:10 is one of my life verses and a great verse to hold on to. May God carry you through the next phase of treatment.
Best Wishes, Maria Saunders