Friday, June 8, 2012

Riverside - day 2

Madeleine’s Blog

June 8, 2012
So do not fear, for I am with you
Do not be dismayed, for I am your God
I will strengthen you and help you
I will uphold you with my righteous right hand
Isaiah 41:10

Madeleine started off today (Friday) by having a “central line” put into a vein in her neck so that the strong medications she is on could be given to her more safely and easily. She was (justifiably!) concerned about what this would be like, but managed to make it through the procedure. They began infusing the medications right after that, and she has done really quite well with it so far. They encourage you to get up and walk as much as possible, and she has enjoyed doing a lot of that – except for always having to drag an IV pole along with her!

View from her hospital room window
The nursing staff has been quite attentive, and they understand a lot about how this combination of medications will affect you. In the afternoon, Madeleine’s nurse came in and told her that in about a half hour she would probably start getting the “shakes” real bad – as well as a high fever. So when those symptoms showed up, there wasn’t as much fear because the symptoms were expected. Fortunately, Madeleine is doing much better tonight, and is resting as I write this.

One nice thing about this hospital stay is that they let you bring in whatever you want to eat – no restriction. So, we have been making runs for favorite foods from Safeway, frozen yogurt, smoothies, etc. The regular hospital food is available too, but for some unknown reason the favorites seem to win out. :)

It has been hard for Madeleine (and us) to be away from family and friends during this treatment, but we know that this is the best treatment for her right now, and that Riverside is where they offer it. One thing that has been very helpful is that Kaiser actually covers the cost of our transportation, hotel, food, and gas for this treatment…not to mention the cost of the treatment itself. This is one of the things that helps make this just a little more bearable.

Thank you again for your prayers.


Cindy said...

The view is beautiful .... Our thoughts are with you guys! Love you! Big Hugs and Kisses to You! Love Dave & Cindy

kircarp said...

Will be praying for you in earnest today at church with all the sunday school teachers that know and love you & your mom. Hang in there! ~ Kirsten