Monday, April 30, 2012

Week 3 begins...and Prom!

Madeleine’s Blog

April 30, 2012

It is just great to report how well Madeleine has been doing with her Interferon treatment! We had been anticipating that it would be so much worse based on what we'd read and heard. However, Madeleine really has risen to the occasion, as she has for each phase of this process. Just watching her go through it has felt like a miracle, really. We are so thankful for answered prayer, good care, and for the inner strength that she is discovering. She still has to fight fatigue and nausea, and it still takes a lot of time out of each afternoon, and having an IV started each day is no picnic, but...she is exceeding all expectations and we are so happy for that!

Madeleine has been conserving her strength a little (no competitive swimming right now), but has been able to keep up most of her regular activities and has done well with school. On Saturday night, she even got to go to Montgomery's Prom...and then on Sunday night, she went to Cardinal Newman's Prom! Keep in mind that, at the beginning of all this, we weren't even sure if going to a Prom could be a possibility. And then, here she is, able to go to both Proms, and able to have a great time.

So, we have lots to be thankful for right now. She's made it through 2 weeks of the daily IV's, and has 2 more weeks to go.


Dave Cindy said...

You are Amazingly Stunning you just brought the Biggest Smile across my face. Stunning! Sweet Girl ! We love you Maddy we are sending all our prayers and thoughts your way!

We Love You!

Anonymous said...

Miss Madeleine,

I have watched you grow up (even though it has been from afar)and not only do you amaze me with your beauty and brains, but your strength, determination, and courage remind me of just how special you really are. Congrat's on your graduation and you are CONSTANTLY in my prayers. Love you and your family, JoEllen