Saturday, January 21, 2012

ICU - 1/21/12

Madeleine told me to tell you thanks so much for all the prayers and encouragement!

She is actually doing so much better than last night already - is getting up and walking around, has progressed from clear fluids to cream of wheat (thrilling!), and is enjoying playing "words from friends" on her phone with some of you. The docs are happy with her progress, but want her in the ICU one more night, and then they believe she'll be ready to come home from the hospital on Monday.

We haven't taken any pictures this morning (still a lot of tubes and what-not attached), but hopefully tomorrow. For now, Madeleine suggested that maybe we could just put up one of the pictures from our consultation appointment down at UCSF on Thursday.

The story behind this picture is that we had to wait three hours to see the melanoma  specialist... and while we were waiting, Madeleine was entertaining us by taking and texting pictures like this from where she was in the exam room, to those of us who were waiting out in the main waiting room.

Exam room antics while waiting at USCF!


Maria A. Saunders said...

Hi Madeleine and Family,

This has weighed heavy on my heart since I heard the news on Thursday. I have been wearing my "Amber Rocks!" bracelet (another little girl fighting cancer from Jack London Elem.)to remind me to keep praying for you, your family, and the doctors. I am so happy to hear that the surgery went well, and that you are up and about a little! I am praying for a quick recovery, and complete healing so that you can get on with your life! Your bravery is an inspiration to me! =)

Blessings, Maria Aiello Saunders
(Co-worker with your Mom at Olivet)

Cindy Williams said...

So glad you had a good day! You make that "Johnny" look great the Boots make the outfit complete! :)
Sweet Dreams ! XO

kelly said...

You look so good today! I dedicated my long run to you today. Lot's of prayers and good thoughts were sent your way. I hope you sleep well tonight.