Sunday, January 22, 2012

Out of the ICU


Today Madeleine graduated from the ICU to the regular hospital floor - hard to leave all the one-on-one nursing care and her favorite nurse at the ICU. She had several visitors today and then settled in to rest and watch the 49ers/Giants game.

She is doing quite well in her recovery, but she has been through a lot and is uncomfortable at times. Thank you for your continued prayers for her complete healing. She is scheduled to go home tomorrow (but we are hoping that she will be able to stay one more day in order to recover a little more first). Thanks again for your encouraging posts, texts, and emails!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the blog, Deanne and Madeleine. You all come to mind so often and each time it is like a little reminder from God to say a prayer. It is good to see your faces and hear how you are getting along.

Sending much love, Linda Albert (Cove-er)

Cindy Williams said...

I hope she can have one more day in the hospital. for Mom & Dad .... I cant imagine the toll it must be taking on you .... Sweet Dreams You Guys XO Cindy

Eleanor Trent said...

Madeleine, you are our hero! Coach Stanley even let us pause during workout this morning so news of your successful surgery could be shared with all. Many asked if we could post your blog address on the board at Montecito because so many people care for you.

You, too, Deanne. You are both missed in the pool.
Thanks for this generous blog.
See you soon-- you're in my prayers,

Anonymous said...

Your family in Indiana says hello - we are with you always!

Your cousin jim