Saturday, January 21, 2012

ICU - afternoon

Here are some pictures from the ICU today that might amaze you - especially with how good Madeleine looks for all she has been through!

One of the ICU doctors (Deanne knew her from before) brought by her dogs for a "visit," and so Madeleine got to go outside the ICU for a few moments to see them and have these pictures taken.

After all the effort to get up and see the dogs, the doctor ordered both Madeleine and her mom to try to get some rest!

Madeleine & family at Kaiser
Even though the picture above makes it look like they are on a mountainside, she really is just next to a nice sign inside Kaiser!

Madeleine with her ICU nurse & little friend


Connie Barton said...

It was great to see you today! If you need anything please let us know. We're thinking about you constantly. You're a strong and very special girl. You will make it through this! Love, Connie & Rob

Elizabeth Danford said...

Love you awesome cousin! Praying like crazy for you! :)

- Wibby

Auntie Leslie and the gang said...

So glad to see the pictures of you after surgery! You look so good. We are giving thanks that you came through the surgery so well. Continued prayers for recovery and guidance for the medical staff who will determine the next step!
Uncle David, Auntie Leslie, Lindsey and Emily XOXOXO

Jeff Johnson said...

Thanks for posting. It helps me feel connected and it helps me aim my prayers.