Friday, August 2, 2013

Officially accepted into the TIL trial!

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August 2, 2013
So do not fear, for I am with you
Do not be dismayed, for I am your God
I will strengthen you and help you
I will uphold you with my righteous right hand
Isaiah 41:10

Madeleine finally made it through all the scans, and then had a meeting with the doctors at NIH about her case today.
Scans are done, trial is decided = Relief!

The scans show that the spot in her spleen has grown a little; there is some "activity" in her lymph nodes (but they don't appear larger); her brain MRI was clear; and there are no new areas of melanoma (!). Dr. Rosenberg and the other doctors also explained how the cells NIH has been growing for her (taken previously from her liver) appear to be very active and growing on schedule - which is also very good news - and will be ready to use in her treatment by mid-August. 

Then Dr. Rosenberg let Madeleine know that she was randomized into the non-radiation part of the trial. This means that she will have a much less complicated treatment, with an easier recovery, for which Madeleine was very grateful!! (Because doing full-body radiation is never taken lightly, I think we were all relieved - doctors included - that Madeleine is not going to have to do the extra radiation.) This decision also means that Madeleine gets to come back home to Santa Rosa tomorrow instead of staying on for another week of treatment now. :)

So, she is scheduled to start full-on TIL-therapy treatment there at NIH on August 19th and will be in the hospital there for three weeks. More on that as the time approaches.

Thank you for all your prayers and encouragement!


Dave Cindy said...

Whooohoooo! Great news! Lets keep the good new coming!�� We can't wait to see You and celebrate!!! We are so proud of you that you made it through all your tests��You got this!!! Big Hugs and Kisses��

Mindy Ricioli said...

Madeleine, Deanne, and family,
I've been thinking of you all so much. I am sending hugs, prayers, and healing light to you! Madeleine, you are such an inspiration to so many! You are full of beauty & strength! I'm praying that this next treatment will be successful. Lots of love to you! -Mindy